Art Cinema Meets Yoga with Phillip Askew

I love the trend of what I like to call 'Art for Good.' I also love the idea of more people being exposed to yoga. So when I saw my friend Phillip Askew's latest short film (I feel the term 'yoga video' doesn't do justice to Phillip's work), a few things immediately came to mind: one being legendary filmmaker/director Michael Mann's Miami Vice television series (Mann is a master of blending culture, music, and setting) and the other being the idea of using art as a vehicle to expose more people to yoga.

What I love about Phillip's work is that even though the yoga is obviously great, it's the art that makes it so unique and powerful. His use of setting, color, balance, and music is brilliant. I could see his latest film, NOSARA, being shown on a projector at an art festival rather than a yoga festival -- which is a good thing. I think it's better to sell "art people" on yoga, rather than to sell "yoga people" on art -- because we need more people on the mat!

Phillip and I got together for coffee this weekend and chatted about his latest work, NOSARA, which he said was inspired by "art-house surf videos", particularly Kai Neville. We chatted further about the relationship between art and yoga, where Phillip said, "there's so much art in yoga , but how do you frame it, how do you capture it?"

Well, this is how:

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