Tibetan Mastiff Sold for $1.5 Million - Do Dogs Meditate?
I've always been a dog lover and believe that dogs are in tune with our thoughts, feelings, and know more than we think -- but do they meditate just like we do?

A red Tibetan mastiff named Hong Dong (translation: "Big Splash") has been abuzz online since he sold for a record $1.5 million dollars, and one of the more interesting conversations that has evolved is whether or not dogs meditate.

The Arizona Sun Daily's funny take on this record-setting dog brings up this interesting question:
'I think he's meditating," I said, looking down at the large brown and black dog lying on the floor.

"Mom," said the kid with an exasperated sigh. "He's not meditating. He's sleeping."

"I don't think so. Listen. He's repeating his mantra."

"Mom!" Louder exasperated sigh. "He's snoring."
So  what do you think? Do dogs meditate just like humans?

Let's not forget there's yoga for dogs, too :)
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