NHL Star Tim Thomas Credits Yoga for Success
Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins is the best goalie in the NHL this season. He's on-track to break the single-season highest save percentage record, and if he wins the league's MVP award at age 37, he'll be the oldest in history to win the award. So what's Tim's secret?


The New York Times reports on Tim's amazing season, and his yoga practice, in which his instructor, Dana Santas, says that Tim applied what he learned in yoga to his sport "more than any other athlete I’ve ever worked with."

So what does Tim say about yoga? He told The Hockey News:
"I actually didn’t know how much it was going to help, but it helps balance out your body. They try to find weaknesses in your body and work on them so they catch up with the rest of your body. Your body is more balanced overall in terms of both flexibility and strength. A lot of the techniques have to do with balance. Not that I think my balance was bad, but it certainly is better now."
Namaste to that!
Check out a video of Tim practicing yoga back when he first started in 2007:

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