Helena Christensen's Art for Good in Spain

Art for Good is one of my personal favorites among our 2011 Wellness Trends to Watch so it's so great to see Helena Christensen's new exhibit on the effects of climate change in both Nepal and Peru.

The exhibit has already made the rounds in New York, Washington, London and at the UN, but just opened in Valencia, Spain.

Helena went back to her mother's native Peru and spoke to farmers, who say that climate change is hurting their capability to farm:

"One of the women I spoke to, Elizabeth Ayma, told me that because rainfalls are less frequent now and impossible to predict due to the climate changes, this is having a huge effect on crop production. As a result, her family has less food to eat and less produce to sell, resulting in her not being able to afford her children's school fees. The lack of nutritional vegetables also affects her family's health."
Quotes like that really help you realize that everything is connected.

Go Helena!

Photo credit: Shutterstock
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