LA Dodgers Get Their Yoga On
The yoga for men trend continues to pick up steam, especially among pro athletes. We recently covered yoga in the NBA, and now there's yoga in professional baseball!

Katherine Roberts is the Los Angeles Dodgers' team yoga instructor (that's Katherine with Dodger, Manny Ramirez).

So how is yoga for pro-baseball players different than a regular practice?

Roberts says:
"With the Dodgers, I primarily work on hips and low back because that also relates to more shoulder mobility. We do lots of yoga postures to strengthen the shoulders to create more mobility in the thoracic spine as well as the shoulders, because that helps."
And here's a typical sequence:
"What I will do is I will go from like a Warrior 2 pose to a balancing-half-moon pose because it helps (them) understand shifting weight from the back leg to the front leg, which helps with their hitting, or throwing, or pitching or whatever it is."
Roberts has made a career teaching professional athletes and also has a Yoga for Golfers series of DVDs and books.

Another step in the right direction in the yoga for dudes revolutions!
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