Greg Louganis Practices Yoga & Coaches Divers to Set Intentions
Remember five-time Olympic medal winning diver, Greg Louganis? After retiring in 1998, he disappeared from the swimming scene and later announced that he was gay and had AIDS. Well, Louganis is back from obscurity, resurfacing in Southern California as a diving coach. The New York Times profiles Louganis in this great article that talks about his health and approach to coaching.

First, Louganis practices yoga, which is worth a post in-and-of itself. (As Greg trains divers above, doesn't that look like Boat pose to you?)

But what's even better, is how he trains the young divers:
Louganis emphasizes practice over competition and the whole person over the athlete. He encourages his divers to keep daily journals in which they write their intentions for each practice, then critique their performances.
Imagine if every coach or teacher taught kids this way. I bet we'd have better athletes, students, and human beings.

image via Christine Cotter / NY Times
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