2010 Gift Guide: David Romanelli
GIVE: Rooster Truffles from Vosges Chocolate. They are made with Taleggio cheese + bittersweet dark chocolate and the exotic mix of flavor has the magical effect of delivering you deeper into the present moment with each bite. I've been sharing Vosges truffles in my Yoga + Chocolate workshops for years, and the founder of Vosges, Katrina Markoff, is one of my best friends from college so they are rich not just with flavor but also tremendous meaning.

RECEIVE: I would like to receive a Spiritual Gangster Magic Carpet because I lost the one i had before and i can't practice yoga without it. It's a rug you place over your mat to prevent slipping when you sweat. Spiritual Gangster is a company created by 2 amazing yogis in Arizona and I love their irreverent approach to yoga.

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Since 2004, David Romanelli has been traveling the world sharing his Yoga Chocolate, Yoga Wine, and Yoga for Foodies experiences. The purists have been known to challenge his blending of ancient tradition with modern tastes, sounds, and passions. But those who prefer their yoga coated in chocolate, seasoned with humor, and lavished with Marley have enjoyed his workshops and debut book Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment: Getting to Ecstasy through Wine, Chocolate, and Your Ipod Playlist. David was recently featured in The New York Times and last year his book reached #1 on the Amazon.com Self-Help Bestseller List. David was a co-founder of At One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. Check out his website at yeahdave.com