Why You Should Let Your Kids Eat Junk Food (Video)
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As any health-conscious parent can tell you, battles with kids over junk food are just a part of life.

But this psychology professor at Rutgers University, Charlotte Markey, says those fights may be doing more harm than good. She tells HuffPost Live that letting kids eat some junk food can actually improve their relationship with food, leaving them with lifelong benefits.

“If we try to restrict it too heavily, we end up with kids really craving all the junk food," she said. "They actually end up being more likely to be overweight when they’re older."

She explained that, when food is labeled as "bad" it actually become more desirable and taboo.

Her philosophy? Nothing should be completely off limits.

You can watch the entire debate here.

To learn more about Markey, visit her website, or check out her book Smart People Don’t Diet.

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