Vision Boards 101: Quick & Easy Tips to Get You Started
Vision Boards 101 : Quick & Easy Tips to Get You StartedWhat's a Vision Board?

A vision board is just a visual summary that's representational of things you want to do, have, buy, attract, or simply who / what / where you want to be. If you've read or seen The Secret or Oprah's special on Vision Boards, you've probably heard about vision boards and how they're a powerful tool to attain the things you want in your life.

How to Make Your Own Vision Board

Many people will literally construct a poster board with images / pictures torn out of magazines of these things that they want to attract in their lives, however, you don't necessarily need to construct a physical vision board to get started.

Making a vision board, however, doesn't have to be a junior high art project. Whether it's a picture of skinny jeans you want to fit in, a specific job or job listing that you want to land, or a torn out real estate listing of your dream house that you tape to your fridge -- that's all you need to get started. What's important is that it's visible, and the image you choose conjures up positive feelings that inspire you every time you see it.

Famous Vision Board Stories

There's the famous Jim Carrey story when as a struggling actor he wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 with the Memo "For Acting Services Rendered." He carried the check in his wallet everywhere. The rest is history.

For fans of The Secret, there's John Assaraf's tale of how he ended up living in his dream home in La Jolla, California - the very home he had cut out from Dream Homes magazine years earlier. (Assaraf didn't even realize this - his son noticed the picture in the vision board).

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