Walmart Moves To Make Organic Foods More Affordable
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Thursday's announcement by Walmart, the world’s biggest grocer, that it plans to sell a line of organic foods at competitive prices could eventually lower the cost of all organic food by expanding the footprint of organic agriculture, said Environmental Working Group Executive Director Heather White.

“While more Americans are seeking out organic food options in stores, most of our farmland is dedicated to conventional agriculture,” said White. “This decision by Walmart could be the biggest driver yet in realizing a future where organic food is not only less expensive, but more available.”

Beginning this month, Walmart plans to sell the Wild Oats brand of organic foods in 2,000 of its 4,000 stores, with the goal of eventually offering the line in all of its U.S. retail operations.

“Walmart’s action is proof that organic food can and will fit into the budgets of the average American family,” added EWG’s White. “And while this decision will help expand access to organic foods for all consumers, it will also benefit the environment by reducing the use of toxic pesticides and genetically engineered ingredients.”

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