20 Ways To Feel More Grateful Instantly
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I used to feel stuck in a job I hated, I was morbidly depressed, I was addicted to drugs and consumed with self-hate. The turning point in my dark turmoil was gratitude.

I dug deep inside my barriers of tears to find a glimmer of hope. That hope turned into appreciation, and my appreciation turned into self-love, which manifested a new appreciation for life.

By releasing my expectations and turning them into appreciation, my life transformed. Today I live my dreams fully. I am in my ideal career as a life coach, speaker, teacher and author, but even with a best-selling book on happiness, I still have dark moments of depression and fear. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to being human.

The difference between the old version of me and the new, more grounded me, strips down to one main tool: gratitude. Being grateful turns what we have in life into enough. It can take the pressure off of our souls to work harder, be more, prove our worth or overextend ourselves in search of an outward quest for approval.

What I learned through my depression was that the longer we look outside of ourselves for answers, the less happy we can be. I started to study the qualities and habits of highly grateful and happy people. What it comes down to is their choices. I know when I choose to be happy and I choose to grasp the good instead of focusing on my problems, my life feels more manageable.

If you want to be happier and more grateful, try one of these 20 ways to feel more grateful instantly.

1. Simply show up and do the best you can, and know that that is enough.

2. Sit with your grandparents or parents and listen to their stories.

3. Teach by example.

4. Smile at strangers.

5. Tell your family you love them daily.

6. Forgive your ex lovers.

7. Bring your sick friend chicken noodle soup.

8. Stop over-promising.

9. Respect everyone, including yourself.

10. Speak kindly to yourself — all the time.

11. Give compliments daily.

12. Get in touch with your inner child and play more.

13. Take care of your body — where else are you going to live?

14. Respect yourself enough to know that you do deserve the best.

15. Don’t regret anything that once made you smile.

16. Follow your dreams; they know the way.

17. Be gentler with yourself.

18. Do what you love daily.

19. Embrace how unique and different you are.

20. Train your brain to see the good in everything.

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