MBG Bookshelf: Laird Hamilton's Force Of Nature

My discovery of this book exemplifies why independent booksellers are so important. I probably never would have sought out Force of Nature on Amazon (I didn't know the book existed), but I happily found it prominently displayed at my neighborhood bookstore as a "staff pick."

What's great about Force of Nature is that you get a sneak peak into the world of Laird Hamilton — the greatest big-wave surfer, and arguably one of the greatest athletes in the world today.

Laird shares his workout routines (they vary), his yoga practices, and his fitness tips (like having a cardio "chaser" after weight training to flush the lactic acid out of your muscles and help recovery).

He also provides insights into his diet and includes "10 Foods That I love" (#1 is organic, free-range beef) and "The Few That I Don't Love" (bread, pizza, soda, cheese). There were definitely some pleasant surprises as Laird "loves" espresso and will have between 4 and 8 shots over the course of a morning.

The book goes a little deeper too as Laird talks about his passion for the environment, his believe in karma, and why we must "understand that you can't always understand".

Force of Nature embodies what MindBodyGreen is all about, so it's an easy pick for the Bookshelf.

You can buy it here.

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