Forget The Status Quo: Organize A Plant-Powered Halloween!
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It’s October again and Halloween, the favorite holiday for many kids of all ages, is coming up soon.

What I love most about this holiday is the fun of seeing all the costumes, the creativity and playful nature of trick-or-treaters, and being out in the night air with friends and community. It’s such a fun family experience, seeing the kid’s excitement, running from house to house and getting all their loot.

What I loathe about this holiday are the fructose-filled, processed candies.

We all know that this candy bad for us. But, we tell ourselves, It’s HALLOWEEN! Who wants to say no candy when it's such a HUGE part of the fun?!

So watch as our children gobble one, then two, then 10, then 20 pieces of candy. (And, almost without fail, a cold is soon to follow.)

Then we tell ourselves it was worth it. Right? It was, no doubt, a TON of fun.

Over the years, my husband and I have gotten smarter about this. We started bribing our children with the promise of a gift or money to throw out the toxic candy. That was a GREAT compromise. But then we couldn’t deny the amount of trash we were contributing to our environment. (You can’t give that poison to someone else. So it has to get tossed.)

In the end, it all just felt like a bit of reckless consumerism, waste, and excess.

However, now that we're living a plant-based lifestyle, eating more fruits and veggies, and saying no to processed foods and refined sugars, I had to ask myself this Halloween. Are we really going to participate in the status quo again?

We're not just harming ourselves by buying into this holiday. Every Halloween we're supporting companies whose practices harm our planet.

I'm starting to think that the candy companies like Nestle and Hershey’s are the ones having most of the fun around this holiday. What was more sobering was to discover that Nestle is destroying the orangutan habitat by their harvesting of palm oil found in their candies. Some Hershey’s chocolate have been found to be laced with mercury poisoning.

And we're voting for this with our dollars, which are possibly our strongest weapon in changing many things that have become out of balance.

So I had an idea. What if we organized our very own PLANT POWERED HALLOWEEN!


I’m speaking to the rebel in each of us. What if we celebrated what we love about Halloween: the creativity, being out in the night, sharing with our community? But what if we did it a new way, collectively creating a better way to celebrate this fun holiday?

So what’s a plant Powered Halloween look like?

First of all, it’s on Halloween night. We have to commit. You'll get some resistance and protest. But if we do our job, our kids will never want to do it the old way again.

It’s a community event created by you and your friends. It’s not a “public” event, open to anyone. Instead, it’s a private party of people you know and trust. I say “community” because it’s about “what are you bringing?” The question to ask your self is “How is your presence or your family's participation going to up the bar on this thing?”

It’s a co-creation of the best Halloween ever! Bring on your ideas!

Here are some of the things that are happening in our neck of the woods:

  • Dairy free, gluten-free and unprocessed, sugar-free homemade treats! This can include homemade chocolate, pies, cupcakes, cookies. We encourage individual packaging with parchment bags.
  • Fresh fruits, local or from your garden. (Ever eat a guava with a spoon? Ah the sweetness of apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, watermelon!)
  • A blended green drink bar
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Bowling with pumpkins
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Haunted house
  • Costume parade
  • Costume contest

We encourage home-made costumes! Carve out a couple days with your kids and get creating! We are having a couple pre-event gatherings to help out. Everyone is bringing their tools, energy and artistry.

This is a NO-Trash event. Please bring your own re-useable water bottle, re-useable bags, cloth napkins, forks etc. Let’s see if we can leave as we came without leaving a footprint.

Every family brings their own pop-up table and decorations to make a station to display their treats. Kids will trick-or-treat from table-to-table.

Farm animals and domestic animals welcome ... we love our furry friends.

Thank you for stepping up and being the change we seek to find ... Please take lots of pictures and videos and share what you created. Maybe we can inspire others to join us next year?


I knew you had it in you!


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