4 Things You Can Do On Fridays To Have A Great Monday
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Mondays have a bad rap, regardless of whether you love or hate your job. After a weekend of fun, it's generally the worst day of the week. But with a little bit of advance planning, your Mondays can become equal to — if not better than — the rest of the week.  I guarantee that if you spend ten minutes doing these four things on Friday, you'll have a great Monday.

1. Before you leave for the day, clean your office.  

Really clean it. Take everything off your desk, wipe it down, and put it back in a neat and ordered way. Walking into a clean office on Monday morning will do wonders for your morale.

2. Block off time on your calendar for breaks.  

Find reasons to leave the office. Pick up something at the pharmacy, go to the ATM instead of using mobile upload, and get some fresh air. Pick one new place to try for lunch. Try to schedule one thing per day; be inefficient with your errands. Back when I was at a desk job, instead of running all my errands on one lunch break, I would do one each day. It guaranteed that I would leave the office, if only for a few minutes. The little breaks of fresh air were inspiring.

3. Make a plan for Monday.  

Identify the three most important things you need to get done. Schedule time on your calendar to get them done first thing on Monday morning. When you arrive at the office, get them done before you check your email. You'll start the week feeling accomplished and productive, giving you a boost to get through the week.

4. Turn your work email off your phone. 

Don't do this if you'll really get fired, but there are few jobs where that could actually happen. Don't turn it back on if you can manage it, but at least until after you've gotten your most important tasks done on Monday. Taking a mental break is like a mini-vacation, and you'll return to work on Monday refreshed and more productive.

By doing one (or all!) of these on a Friday, you'll guarantee a better start to your week on Monday. Starting with a productive morning at a clean desk will set you up for a successful week, and scheduling time to leave the office for breaks will make sure actually take them. 

In the comments below, let me know what tips you have for making your work week better.

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