DIY: 5 Natural Ways To Make Your Own Facial Cleanser

As a woman who struggled with acne for more than a decade, I understand how frustrating it can be to spend thousands of dollars on doctor visits and special chemical-laden creams that don't work or even make your skin more irritated.

I started searching for alternatives and found that some of the best skin treatments are pure, whole-food based facials you can give yourself at home in minutes. In fact, you likely have many of these items in your fridge right now!

Find the facial ingredient that works best for your skin-type below, and witness the magic of Mother Nature doing her good work:

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About the Author

As a holistic weight loss coach, Richele Henry helps women break free from cravings and emotional eating so they can feel confident and sexy in their own skin. Richele comes by her work honestly. After a life-long love affair with sugar, and a less than loving body image, she finally broke free, and now teaches other women how to let go of guilt and stress with food and maximize pleasure and self-love.