12 All-Natural Ways To Deal With Cellulite
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Although the word "cellulite" might sound like a health condition, it is in fact not harmful. Many doctors consider cellulite an absolutely normal occurrence.
Cellulite is a “disease” invented by Vogue magazine.

It's estimated that about 80-90% of women have cellulite. While some ladies have a very lumpy and dimply orange-peel like skin, others have cellulite that is apparent only when the skin is pinched.

The reason why women get cellulite more than men is because of the vertical distribution of their collagen fibers between the dermis and muscle. These collagen fibers form a sort of “pockets” in which fat cells then grow. The cellulite is the build-up of fat and fluid in these collagen “pockets.”

Up until the late 60s, cellulite was just known as fat and was completely acceptable and considered normal in adult women. No one ever worried or knew what cellulite was until the term "cellulite" was first mentioned in Vogue magazine in 1968. Since then, women started worrying and trying to get rid of it. Even though it is not harmful, it's almost every woman’s dream to have a smooth, dimple-free skin.

The good news is that it's possible to significantly reduce cellulite, if not get rid of it completely. It doesn't require any expensive procedures or skin care products. In fact, anti-cellulite creams and lotions might do more harm than good. All they do is tighten the skin and make it appear smoother, so that the cellulite lumps aren't as obvious. Plus, many popular skin care products contain dangerous toxic ingredients.

Even though cellulite is completely normal, there are some all-natural ways to reduce its appearance if you choose to do so. Here are my 12 favorites:

1. Drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

Warm water and lemon balances body pH, helps detoxify, hydrates lymphatic system, helps get rid of toxins and helps with weight loss.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Proper hydration is the key to keeping your tissues and lymphatic system clean.

3. Sweat.

Sweating helps clean the lymphatic system. Cardio exercises, hot yoga and the sauna are great ways to break a sweat.

4. Eat a clean diet. 

Eliminate processed and fried foods, flavor enhancers, dairy, meat and soy products from your diet. Focus on eating fiber-rich, nutrient-packed foods, like vegetables and fruits. Eat plenty of alkalizing foods, like kale, spinach, arugula and chard. Some studies show that Brassica family vegetables, (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) may reduce estrogen levels in the body.

5. Try resistance training.

Resistance training is very effective because well-developed muscles have the ability to impact the tightness and tone of the connective tissue in the skin. Working out improves circulation, removes excess fluid and tones muscles, which means that skin will look smoother, regardless of the cellulite. By working with weights you will also speed up your metabolism.

6. Pump your lymphatic system! 

Unlike the blood circulatory system, lymphatic system does not have an organ (like heart) that would pump the lymph. Therefore you need to move to pump it! Running, jumping, dancing and rebounding are great ways to do it.

7. Dry body brush.

This simple practice is a great way to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, therefore reduces the cellulite.

8. Get a vacuum cup massage.

you can purchase a vacuum cup online (they're very cheap) and get the effect of the expensive salon procedure! Most anti-cellulite treatments in salon work using the same principle – vacuum massage. It is a little bit painful and you have to be patient, but it works wonders! I have used it myself and it reduces cellulite in as little as 5 procedures.

9. Reduce salt in your diet.

Sodium makes you retain excess water and makes your skin look more lumpy and dimply.

10. Take a contrast shower to improve circulation and lymph drainage. 

Start your shower with hot water, and then suddenly change to cold, then back to hot. Repeat a couple of times.

11. Lose body fat overall. 

This will make fat cells smaller thus the cellulite can become even invisible. If you need help with losing overall body fat, don’t forget to grab my free ebook on weight loss.  

12. Get a deep tissue or lymphatic drainage massage. 

Although they might be pricey, there are tons of free videos online where you can find out how to perform this type of massage on yourself.

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