A Simple Sequence To Help You Move Through Life With Ease

There are lots of reasons we work out – to feel good, to look good, to be healthy — but as a health and fitness coach, I’ve learned we all have one thing in common: we want to feel motivated.
As the fall season approaches, I can’t help but remember that the essence of fall is change. We see evidence of it on the trees changing color and falling to the ground, the nights getting crisper, and the days getting shorter. When you tune in to the changes in nature, and connect inward, your yoga practice can also help guide you through with ease.
Use the mantra “I am willing to change” as you practice these poses to help you transition, find ease, and go with the flow:

About the Author

Jenni Hulburt is a Health & Fitness Coach, and author of The Dirt Detox: a 21-day guide to getting dirty for your health. She has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and a Master's degree in Sports Psychology. Through her blog posts and videos at JenniHulburt.com, she is leading the Nature Fed Wellness Movement, with the goal of inspiring people to live healthy and adventurous lives. She believes in the healing power of nature, moving your body, and living your dreams. Her motto: Move your body - change your life!