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Yoga isn't longingly bending forward, forcefully reaching for the ground or grasping behind your calves. Yoga is letting go, surrendering to your state of existence. 

Yoga isn't standing thoughtlessly on your head, building your ego and impressing your friends. Yoga is placing your heart above your head and inviting a new perspective. 

Yoga isn't struggling to balance and getting frustrated or upset when you fall. Yoga is becoming centered and in touch with who you are, recognizing that stumbling is a part of life and that yoga is loving our human nature. 

Yoga isn't questioning "why can't I" or thinking "I am not flexible enough." Yoga is knowing we are perfect as we are, realizing one day we may change, and cultivating acceptance for where we are at this moment. 

Yoga isn't tight pants, clever styles or tricky arm balances. Yoga is creativity, peaceful strength and willpower.

Yoga isn't exercise, competition, strength-building, stretching or chanting. Yoga isn't hard, or easy, simple or complicated. 

Yoga is all of the above. 

Or none of it. 

Yoga... Is yoga. 

Your practice is about being present. It is about setting an intention, creating awareness and finding the balance to perform your duties. It is about listening to yourself. It is about getting to know your true soul and carrying that with you throughout all of your days. 

And when you recognize that your soul sings along with the song of the Universe, you have come to understand yoga.

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