Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson: Yoga & Being Present
When it comes to venture capitalists, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures is one of the best (Twitter, Etsy, Meetup, Foursquare). I've been reading his blog, AVC, for years, and was pleasantly surprised to see his post yesterday on being present in yoga:
I've recently come back to yoga after a five year hiatus. I didn't realize how much my body missed it. I stopped doing yoga because I couldn't handle the mental aspect of the practice. I struggle with being present mentally for 90 minutes. In fact, I find it impossible. Even as I've come back to the practice, I look at the clock constantly, waiting for the class to end. I am working on this struggle because yoga makes me feel so much better and I am hoping I can come to terms with the mental aspect of the practice if I work at it.
Namaste to that!
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